Minimalist March // The Outcome

We made it! Minimalist March is officially over.

Let’s jump straight into the final days.

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Mindful March // A Thought on Zero-Waste

Hi All,

Just prior to starting Minimalist March, the concept of Zero-Waste had been circling the office I work in. Even before the month starting, I realised that I also wanted this to be a Mindful March. I’m pretty confident in saying that it would be very difficult for me to live a zero-waste lifestyle at this point in time. However, this doesn’t mean that I can ignore how much waste I am creating.

I wanted to address this predominately because Minimalism and Zero-Waste seem to be arch-enemies. It does make sense, we are seeing documentaries, blogs, etc. of these people ‘disposing’ of items that don’t ‘spark joy’ (just another huge secret, I haven’t read the book…). For this reason, I tried to be more mindful over the course of the month. So what does this mindfulness look like over the course of Minimalist March?

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