5 Tips for Beginner Minimalists

We all know I’m a sucker for living with less than I need. However, how did I get here? I certainly wasn’t always like this. I’ve had stages of my life where my things consumed me and I only felt the need to own more. What do you do when you’re drowning in ‘stuff’, ‘clutter’ or ‘junk’? Here’s my list of top tips on how to take a more relaxed approach to minimalising your items:

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Fresh Starts

“Oops. I did it again.” – Britney Spears

I didn’t keep up with my blog… and I’m not sorry. How rude.

On June 4, I posted that my life was going in a new direction. And this could not have been anymore accurate. I began to say that I was going to be on the ultimate minimalist and frugal challenge. I was unemployed and decided to move with only what I could fit in my car.

So where am I today?

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Minimalist March // Week Three

Happy Thursday!

Digital Decluttering. What is it? Why would it even matter? This week only just starts to touch on digital clutter. I am working on a more detailed post about digital clutter and digital detoxes with more categories and some challenges also.

To give you a break from staring at screens, the last three days will be relatively easy (in the case that you’re looking at expiration dates and the decision is practically made for you!

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