January Goals Check-In

Evening All,

In my last post, I said I would update you on how my new goal setting techniques are working, and here it is! I have made significant progress, however most of these will be reflected in the February Check-In.

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My 2019 Goal Setting Strategy

First, a history lesson.

I have been one to set goals for sometime. When I was fifteen, my goals were about that unrealistic big picture. A picture perfect life, funded by the dream job, supported by a handsome husband and a gremlin or two by 25. I was a naive child. Inevitably, reality hit. I am now 22 and only just finding my way in life.

However, since this time, my goal setting techniques have changed significantly. It started as the five year plan, migrated to the yearly goals and now in 2019, I set monthly goals.

So why am I zooming in on the smaller picture?

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5 Positive Impacts of Minimalism

Afternoon All,

I have been an advocate of minimalism for what feels like my whole life. Since childhood, I have loved to organise and declutter. Whether it be the pantry for Mum or my childhood bedroom. This has continued through my adulthood, and it becomes more present the more time goes on.

This thought had got me thinking about my “why” for minimalism. My “why” for continuing to have a minimalist approach to life is that it positively impacts me daily. With realising this, I thought I would share the five most obvious reasons I continue to practice a minimal lifestyle.

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My Personal Finance Process

My personal finance journey started at eighteen, when I applied for my first personal loan to help fund fixing my teeth. Prior to this, I had worked part time for four years, with nothing to show. I have now accumulated larger amounts of debt including Credit Card, Mortgage, Car Loan and a HECS debt.

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