Capital City Influence

It’s 2020! Where did 2019 go? Did anyone actually get to celebrate Christmas? I seemed to have a ‘bam and the New Year is here’ moment. Let’s start the year off with a bang! By that, I mean a blog post. Yes, I am indeed still alive! Just suffering a rather serious case of writer’s doubt (is that a thing? I’m calling it a thing!). I will have a 2020 goals post coming in the next few weeks for all of you goal setters! In the meantime, I thought I’d start the 2020 Blog Posts with an observation that came about rather early in my move to Brisbane.

Preface: I never would have thought that I could fall victim to consumerism. I never believed I would be seriously drawn into fast paced disposable ways of the modern world (I say seriously, because I am still early 20’s making poor regular spending decisions).

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Minimalist March // Week Three

Happy Thursday!

Digital Decluttering. What is it? Why would it even matter? This week only just starts to touch on digital clutter. I am working on a more detailed post about digital clutter and digital detoxes with more categories and some challenges also.

To give you a break from staring at screens, the last three days will be relatively easy (in the case that you’re looking at expiration dates and the decision is practically made for you!

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