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It’s 2020! Where did 2019 go? Did anyone actually get to celebrate Christmas? I seemed to have a ‘bam and the New Year is here’ moment. Let’s start the year off with a bang! By that, I mean a blog post. Yes, I am indeed still alive! Just suffering a rather serious case of writer’s doubt (is that a thing? I’m calling it a thing!). I will have a 2020 goals post coming in the next few weeks for all of you goal setters! In the meantime, I thought I’d start the 2020 Blog Posts with an observation that came about rather early in my move to Brisbane.

Preface: I never would have thought that I could fall victim to consumerism. I never believed I would be seriously drawn into fast paced disposable ways of the modern world (I say seriously, because I am still early 20’s making poor regular spending decisions).

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Two Months of Blogging

Wow. Have I really stuck to something for two months? Apparently.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a post to brag, or to show-off, or to even say woe is me. There are so many factors that influence social media growth. Such as size of social media circles, particular niches and trends (and sometimes just being noticed by the right person). Based on the posts I’ve read, I’d say I’m an average hobby blogger. However, this is just my opinion. What you determine as successful, is also very different to what I deem to be successful when it comes to blogging. 

With all that being said… let’s get into it.

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A Month of Blogging

On Saturday, 16 February 2019, I created this blog and published my first post. It was a ‘quick & dirty’ post, straight off my Instagram. At that stage, I didn’t really know what I was trying to achieve by starting this blog, let alone what I was going to post.

If you’re looking for my why for starting this blog, the answers can be found in What’s in a Name? // Why I Started This Blog. I thought I would share my successes, findings and ‘failures’ over the last month, in the hopes to help other beginner bloggers. I would like to think that in a few months time, I can post a six month update and then follow with a year update.

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