The Benefits of ‘Owning’ Your Money

Happy Saturday!

As discussed in A Financial Reset | EOFY, I’m working over the next few months to put my own personal financials together, as well as assist the lucky winners from the Facebook Giveaway with putting financials together for them, in preparation for the new financial year.

So why do I spend time putting these together for myself? These are the benefits to both myself and others:

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Breaking My Own Rules

Hiya All,

Grab a tea, coffee or flavoured water, this one is a bit of a lengthy one.

This post is more of a personal one, it serves as a bit of a life update and why the posting schedule died over the last week and a half. In summary, I suppose you could say my life is now taking a different direction. For privacy reasons, I won’t be going into detail. However, plans have changed and rules have been broken. From a financial standpoint, I’ve gone backwards. From a personal development perspective, I’ve moved forward (I think, I hope… I have).

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Mindful March // A Thought on Zero-Waste

Hi All,

Just prior to starting Minimalist March, the concept of Zero-Waste had been circling the office I work in. Even before the month starting, I realised that I also wanted this to be a Mindful March. I’m pretty confident in saying that it would be very difficult for me to live a zero-waste lifestyle at this point in time. However, this doesn’t mean that I can ignore how much waste I am creating.

I wanted to address this predominately because Minimalism and Zero-Waste seem to be arch-enemies. It does make sense, we are seeing documentaries, blogs, etc. of these people ‘disposing’ of items that don’t ‘spark joy’ (just another huge secret, I haven’t read the book…). For this reason, I tried to be more mindful over the course of the month. So what does this mindfulness look like over the course of Minimalist March?

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What’s in a Name? // Why I Started This Blog

I umm’d and ahh’d about the title of this blog.

You see, sloth renovations started as a hashtag for my personal Insta posts after buying my first home. It was an inside joke between myself and my parents, that we would eventually complete the renovations, just at a sloth-like pace. The simple #slothrenovations, changed to a Insta page after realising a few people were interested in the transformation. On the Insta page, I’d made began to make note of the debts I managed and the goals I had set, but predominately tried to stick renovations, despite long periods of time between small renovation projects. The problem is minimalism, personal finance and goal setting are all things I love TALKING about, they aren’t something you can always photograph. I was on the wrong platform, so I moved to Facebook. However, something about Facebook still didn’t feel quite right… so the day after I created the Facebook page, I created this blog.

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