January 2020 Goals Review

And just like that… the first month of 2020 is done! Was it a successful one?

  1. Read a Book
    I may have mentioned previously that I am not the greatest of readers. For this reason, in 2020, I wanted to make an effort to improve. I didn’t exactly start with the easiest of books, HOWEVER, I can confirm I finished the book within the month of January (yes, I did finish it on the 31st, still counts!). I read The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley. To help motivate me to read more, I have been using the GoodReads app. I am very much a person of needing to measure progress.
    Book reviews haven’t previously been my thing, but perhaps this is something I could get into? Book reviews by someone who doesn’t like reading… it’s a concept right?
  2. Book Thailand
    It’s booked! October 2020, Thailand, it is happening. As soon as my leave was approved, I contacted my travel agent and put the deposit down within a few hours.
  3. Plan out Blog Posts
    Yes, I did that thing again. I committed to blogging very intensely for about two weeks… and then life happened and I wasn’t feeling it. However, I did plan my blog posts and I did stick to what I said I would post for January. I only planned two posts a month, because I didn’t want to put so much pressure on myself like I had done in the past.
  4. Find a Gym
    I did not achieve this. Not even close. I barely even tried to achieve it. Why? Here’s my list of bad excuses: money, lack of routine, lack of commitment.
  5. Donate Blood
    I tried, again. I really did. The booking was made, I went in, my veins looked good. However, the were unsure if it was best for me to donate at 7am. Quick backstory: I fainted after the first time I gave blood at 16, and they’ve been hesitant since. I WILL GIVE BLOOD THIS YEAR. They’ve advised to try for an afternoon or evening appointment after a big meal and lots of water.

Other wins for January:

  • I’ve 95% completed a banking restructure that I will share with the blog after I’ve trialed it over a few months.
  • I’ve made an effort to eat better by cooking at home and eating less takeaway (and as a result, I’ve started to lose weight).


  1. Walk 200,000 steps for the month.
  2. Buy Thailand flights, travel insurance and make another payment.
  3. Donate Blood (told you I’m not giving up).
  4. Find a Gym (also is something I want to achieve)
  5. Mediate 1x a week.

How has the start of the new year treated you? Are you working towards the year you wanted for 2020? I would love to hear from you!

Much Love,
Baby Sloth xx

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