5 Tips for Beginner Minimalists

We all know I’m a sucker for living with less than I need. However, how did I get here? I certainly wasn’t always like this. I’ve had stages of my life where my things consumed me and I only felt the need to own more. What do you do when you’re drowning in ‘stuff’, ‘clutter’ or ‘junk’? Here’s my list of top tips on how to take a more relaxed approach to minimalising your items:

  1. Give your space a good general clean (including the dreaded washing, yes I hate doing the washing too and I barely own anything). It’ll help it things have been put away with other similar items. You’ll have a better idea of how much of that particular item or category you own. From clothing, to beauty products, to dining ware.
  2. Have an ‘inactive’ start. Don’t get rid of anything at all (shock horror, I know!). Turn all your coat hangers backwards, as you wear and wash clothes, return them facing the right way. By the time you’ve finally found the time or motivation to declutter, you’ll have a better idea of what you haven’t worn.
  3. Start with socks. The ones with holes, or ones that have lost their matching friend. After such a simple and quick task, you might move on to your more delicate items. Within an hour you might have gotten through your pajamas, swimwear and active wear too!
  4. Try things on! Ask yourself if you would buy it again?
  5. Extreme Idea: Imagine you have to move immediately, you can only take what fits into your car? What would you take? I pose this idea as this is what I had to do when moving, I can confirm it works. Write a list of what material possessions mean the most to you. If a stranger walked into your space, would it represent you and what matters the most to you?

I see a lot of attention around what is defined as ‘minimalist’. I have seen many extreme versions of it (huge kudos to you!). I do regularly see new members of the minimalist community asking if they still own ‘too much’, or asking how much of a specific item they should have. I have the view that becoming a minimalist, or adopting a minimalist lifestyle, is about minimising items owned. You don’t have to own 5 bottoms, 10 shirts and 2 pairs of shoes. In my eyes, you should simply be working towards having less than what you originally started with, but maybe that’s just me….

I will be working on a more thorough list of tips and tricks, covering all sorts of categories! What category do you think you need to minimalise the most?

I’ll be working on a post that outlines the questions I ask myself when shopping and how I avoid temptation. What are your problem areas? What is your reason for becoming interested in minimalism?

Much Love,
Baby Sloth xx