2020 Goals

Hello new decade of opportunities. A cliché post to start the New Year. For me however, this goal setting period has become one of my favourite times of the year. 

The New Year seems to create a great divide when it comes to people’s attitudes. I observe people to be either in a post Christmas slump or in a very excited way about the possibilities of the new year.

Mr and Mrs Leonard have written a fantastic post on Types of Goals to Set for Your Life. This post perfectly sums up my approach to goals. I believe it’s important to have goals for different areas of your life, as well as different time frames. I have always told myself that I’d rather set these goals and have to adjust them, rather than live a life without a sense of direction.

All of my 2020 goals stem from the Personal Dashboard concept I started to create last year, this was previously mentioned in The 2019 Wrap Up. It focuses on the areas of health, finance, work, self-improvement & holidays. These are areas of my life that I’ve found to be either the most meaningful, the most stressful or an area to improve to ensure a healthy & happy life long term. The personal dashboard also provides a break down of short term, long term and stretch goals, whilst outlining to-do lists to achieve these bigger goals. At some point in the future, I may choose to branch out categories, as I had previously done so in 2019.

Last year’s goals didn’t seem so ambitious when setting them. However many became void after moving. I’m sure according to that list, it would have been a very successful year had I achieved them all. However, upon moving, my direction for life changed, resulting in my goals shifting substantially. My goal became to settle and re-establish my life.

That’s not to say that I didn’t have successful 2019. I believe I had a very important year. A year of growth, opportunity and most importantly, change.

I’ve began to map out how to achieve my 2020 goals and what I wish to achieve in the first month of the year. I am undecided if I’ll provide monthly updates (like I had attempted to do so last year). Would you be interested in the monthly updates again?

As you’ll see soon, 2020 may not appear all that ambitious… however, based on previous patterns that I have become self aware of, I know these all pose their own difficulties.

So all this talk about goals, what even are my goals for 2020?


  1. Read 4 books:
    Reading has never been a strong point of mine. Possibly due to attention issues, or the alternative of what I could be doing with my time instead (which I can confirm, is normally not beneficial in anyway, as it’s normally scrolling social media for hours). I have finished one book already, however as I started this just prior to 2020, I won’t count it! I won’t cheat myself (or my readers).
  2. Debt amounts to X:
    Finance goals have always been a major part of my goal setting in previous years. This year, I’ve decided they are of less importance to me. I have still set goals, but they are only to pay slightly more than the minimum repayment.
  3. Go to Thailand:
    Travel is something I procrastinate over immensely. I either don’t save, freak myself out of booking or just ‘don’t get around to it’. And it’s completely absurd. I currently only have ambitions to travel solo, therefore, I am the only reason it hasn’t eventuated.
  4. Start CPA:
    I completed my last university subject in February 2018. I have probably had enough of a break now. Since returning back to the accounting industry, I have also realised how much I enjoy it (combine this with my love of learning, and it makes perfect sense to study again!).
  5. Blog Post every month:
    Blogging and I have had an interesting relationship in the later months of 2019. I’d decided my life was too busy to blog and I was going through too much of an adjustment period since the big move. However, I missed blogging. I didn’t realise how therapeutic and motivating it is for me to blog (or even the sense of sanity it provides me). And thus, I am intentionally trying to get better at it. My domain is due for renewal in March, I have set a target to get to 3k views total. If I can reach this, I can justify paying for the renewal. I’ll post more about this when I post a year of blogging post (March post idea – done)!


  1. Donate Blood
  2. Read a Book
  3. Find a Gym
  4. Book Thailand Contiki
  5. Plan Blog Posts

The Monthly Minor Five don’t always have to directly impact the Major Five (as you can see for the month of January).

I’d love to hear what your goals are for 2020! How have you planned them out? How do you plan on being accountable?

Much Love,
Baby Sloth xx