The 2019 Wrap Up

Howdy All,

I did that thing again, where I forgot to post. As much as I love blogging and still love the same interests (minimalism, finance, goal setting, etc.). I don’t have as much time as I used to for all of it. To put it simply, Brisbane is busier. Update, I love it here. It feels much more suited to where I am at in life.

I am starting to reset and prepare for a New Year. As part of this, I reflect and set my goals for the next year. As I often write majority of this down, I thought I would share this with you. I will have a busy last week of 2019, with my family coming to stay with me (eek, I am so excited!).

It may not of been the year I expected, however it was the year I neededBig mood for 2019.

It was a big year, you’ll most likely know this if you had read previous posts.

If you’re new (hi, hello, welcome – I am terrible at posting regularly), lil’ reminder the following happened this year:

  • I traveled overseas for the first time.
  • I changed jobs.
  • I moved from my home town.
  • This also meant, I’m a landlord for the house back home (yes, that does feel weird to say so young).

For my goal setting this year, as I was originally posting, I was completing monthly goals. I do regret not sticking to this, as I think this was a healthy little push each month. I’d like to take this back up next year. It normally encompassed 10 different categories. I’ll reflect on these areas later in this post.

A huge portion of the decision to move, was the feeling that I had put myself in a very tiny box. Including my goals, I was chipping away at them but not feeling present. I had taken a huge step back from goals since moving, with only more recently implementing  a new goals system.

I call my new goals system, a personal dashboard. It’s a one stop shop for my goals. It encompasses the following areas;

  • Health
  • Finance
  • Work
  • Self-improvement
  • Holidays

This list is significantly less than the 10 areas I used to try and set goals for, perhaps this will change, but at the moment these are 5 key areas that are very important to me.

Further to this, each area then has the following time breakdowns;

  • To-do list (there are some errands I put off, for often no reason)
  • Short Term (within a month)
  • Long Term (over 6 months)
  • Stretch Goals (has factors out of my control or takes a significant length of time)

I’ve enjoyed implementing this over the past few weeks, it’s visual, digital and always accessible. I have budgets, holiday planning, etc. built into it.

When previously completing my monthly goals, the following 10 categories were included, I’ll give you a quick run down of how I feel overall for the year in regards to each and how I’m looking at these areas for 2020.

  1. Friends & Family: In hindsight, this wasn’t a category that really needed goals. Family has always come first for me. After moving, I naturally had to make new friends and reconnect with old friends. It’s hard to place a level of success on this category. In the new year, anything relating to friends & family will probably come under the self improvement category (it sort of doubles as a self love category).
  2. Home: I was trying to work towards renovating the place very slowly, and pretty much getting no where. When I moved, I rented it out and now it takes care of itself. I am working towards home goals for my unit here, as naturally I want it to feel homey. It’s a rental, so it’s a lot less work. I do want to work on more DIY’s in the future for this place. Further to this, this place also naturally forces minimalism, so I am living my minimalist dream. Any home related goals sit under self-improvement (I’m a home body, so my physical space very much affects my feelings).
  3. Career: Wow. Okay this one has definitely had a huge shift. I have gone back to accounting since moving. I am absolutely loving it, and I feel like I am more career orientated and motivated, than I ever have been in my life. Thus, for 2020 this has it’s own category.
  4. Self-Love: This was a reminder category, as I know there’s things I like to do for myself, that I just don’t make time for, whether it be meditating or doing a face mask. This sits under Self-Improvement for 2020, it’s more about creating experiences though like attending gigs, festivals or making physical changes (such as new glasses).
  5. Growth: I always struggled with this category. It was about learning a new skill, or just constantly trying to learn, which is something I feel like I always need to do however fail to implement. Again, this falls under self improvement moving forward.
  6. Health: I am still a shocker when it comes to health. I’m not drinking enough water, eating enough vegetables or exercising enough. I do want to get a gym membership again in the New Year, however I know there’s a lot I can and should do before I do this. Moving forward, health also includes just getting regular health checks and working towards positive mental health habits. I do want to prioritise this in the New Year and redevelop my ‘why’.
  7. Finance: I’m chipping away at existing debts, however I’ve also accrued new ones due to having to refurnish a place. I wanted a new bed, fridge and couch. So thanks ZipPay and Credit Card. I have plans in place to smash these debts and get back to where I was.
  8. Travel & Adventure: New Zealand happened! Moving forward, I hope this category gets a lot more attention and that I make all my travel plans happen (of which I have a few). Thailand 2020 is the plan at this stage! I have given holidays its own category for 2020.
  9. Romance & Love: When I had originally started this blog, I was in a relationship. They have never been my strong point, thus I wanted to make sure I was trying to work on it. However, I’m now single. This is definitely not a category you can force either. So any goals relating to this, are staying in 2019!
  10. Blog Goals: I had every intention to post regularly. I still have 19 draft posts that I could develop. In 2020, I don’t think I’ll have a blog focus. However, perhaps I’ll still try and post the occasional post for myself, as I often find this therapeutic.

So that’s a wrap up of what I was originally working on in 2019 and an insight into what I am working towards in 2020 and moving forward.

Would you like a 2020 goals post? I can provide screenshots from the Personal Dashboard. I have a few other blog post ideas that I might post over the next few weeks if time permits (and I can string sentences together… this seems to get harder in the festive season).

I hope 2019 has treated you well! What were your achievements for 2019? Was it the year you thought it was going to be?

Much Love,
Baby Sloth xx


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. Love the personal dashboard idea! This year I finally started volunteering again and that was a big achievement for me. I also just bought a house with my husband! I should do my own year-end wrap up, I think is a great thing to do to keep track of where you are and where you want to be.

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  2. Great post! Your number 6 is often the most neglected by people, especially in cities. Proper exercise, nutrition, and getting adequate sleep will help towards the other goals! I don’t know geography, but I hope you are far from the fires!



  3. Welcome back to blogging! Its not easy doing it on the side with a job I can imagine. I see that you work in accounting. I work in financial planning. I wonder if you will blog about accounting related topics. I’m new to your blog so was just a thought 🙂 good luck and your blog looks great!



    1. It’s good to be back! I’ve certainly good to be back. I work as a management accountant, running the books for businesses. Not always the most transferable content, however I do write about personal finance often and how I manage my own situation. Thank you for stopping by!



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