The Benefits of ‘Owning’ Your Money

Happy Saturday!

As discussed in A Financial Reset | EOFY, I’m working over the next few months to put my own personal financials together, as well as assist the lucky winners from the Facebook Giveaway with putting financials together for them, in preparation for the new financial year.

So why do I spend time putting these together for myself? These are the benefits to both myself and others:

  • Data is easy to analyse: I can see the ideal breakdown of where I would like my money to go, and where it is actually going. Or perhaps life has happened and I need to make an adjustment to my plan, this will easily show the flow on effects.
  • Data is easy to manipulate: are you percentages person? Or perhaps you’re a visual person! With all this data being in one place, I can manipulate the data as I need (for either personal or content reasons).
  • Keeps me accountable and motivated: I plan on sharing data throughout the new financial year from these financials. So you’d best believe that I’d like to be moving forward and setting a good example for those who read the posts or follow on other socials.
  • It’s a feel good: feel like you’re getting no where? Check your data, and see you are moving forward.
  • It’s a good place to start: if you’re overwhelmed with your current financial position, and have nowhere to start, this might be the tools for you. It’s all about financial awareness.

Winners are still to be drawn Sunday, 28 April 2019, depending on number of official entries. As mentioned in Two Months of Blogging, this is turning out to be a bit of a fail, so if in the event there aren’t enough official entries, I will be offering the service to any of those who have interacted in the post.  

Much Love,
Baby Sloth x

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