Two Months of Blogging

Wow. Have I really stuck to something for two months? Apparently.

Disclaimer: This isn’t a post to brag, or to show-off, or to even say woe is me. There are so many factors that influence social media growth. Such as size of social media circles, particular niches and trends (and sometimes just being noticed by the right person). Based on the posts I’ve read, I’d say I’m an average hobby blogger. However, this is just my opinion. What you determine as successful, is also very different to what I deem to be successful when it comes to blogging. 

With all that being said… let’s get into it.

I took a leap of faith, and have started the journey of seeing if blogging could become a side hustle. Admittedly, I did myself a huge disfavour by not researching. So why didn’t I research? Laziness. All the wording around purchasing of domain sites, I put in the too hard basket and just took the quick way out by going through a WordPress plan. This cost, $102 AUD from memory. A pretty large investment for someone trying to go ‘debt free’. Not to mention, a large expenditure for someone who knew they weren’t going to put the hours in as if it was a second job.

From this, I decided to embark on the WordAds. Again, I was lazy and didn’t look into too many options for making some coin via a blog. In the future, I would like to get into affiliate programs, however am yet to find something that suits my blog topics. Drum roll please…. I have now made…. 0.33c (I believe this is since 18th of February). In short, yeah probably not going to make back the money I initially invested. Although no where specifically discloses how much traffic you need to be getting to make a certain amount, I’d still consider weighing up if it’s worth it if you have similar traffic to myself.

Instagram: 357 Followers
Facebook: 139 Likes

I have had a bit of a fail when it comes to the Facebook giveaway. I am uncertain where to go from here, I am thinking anyone who had interacted to date, I will offer my services to. Some further context to this, this was to make an attempt to get a bigger following (for both the blog and its social media presence). I don’t make any income from such services, nor do I intend to in the near future. I have just found that it’s quite difficult to find somewhere to share your blog, without offending any Facebook page admins.

WordPress (to date):

  • 52 Countries
  • 959 Visitors
  • 117 WordPress Followers
  • 4 Email Followers
  • Published 23 posts

I got personal. This isn’t something I had always intended on doing, however I opened up to my readers and found that this positively impacted the blog in regard to the number of interactions. It made me think that perhaps Mental Health is something I could discuss more often on this blog… not because I want a ‘successful’ blog, but because perhaps I helped someone. If you haven’t read Breaking My Own Rules, you might not know what I am on about. Perhaps this just caused a traffic spike due to those who just wanted to know the gossip… you were probably sadly disappointed.

Admittedly, I was exhausted from finishing Minimalist March and was glad to have a bit of a break from such regular posting. A combination of this and personal circumstances led me to stray away from any sort of posting schedule I had created. I am still struggling with writer’s block.. or more so, a confidence issue. I have plenty of post ideas drafted, however they don’t feel like the right thing to post at that given time.

I’d like to think I’ve had a good balance of Goal Setting, Minimalism and Finance. With potential to move and grow into some softer topics. So there are exciting opportunities to come. As I posted in A Month of Blogging, my blog goals are to reach the following by the end of 2019:

  • 200 Followers (either WordPress or email subscribed)

My next milestones are to reach 1,000 visitors to date and 100 views in one day. I have currently 959 visitors and my current most viewed day is sitting at 94, so this goal seems attainable but hard to measure or map for success. All I can say, is that if you enjoy any of my posts, please feel free to share. I have no issues with this, and in fact, I encourage it.

In summary, that’s a wrap up of my successes and challenges for the second month of writing this blog. What are your blogging successes for this month? I’d love to hear about your blog goals for the upcoming months or years!

Much Love,
Baby Sloth x


  1. You are very good in writing and trust me I think that getting so many likes and followers in just two months are quite a lot, I feel like in a year you will be quite a famous blogger and I wish you a bucketloads of happiness and luck

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  2. Keep up the good work! I can understand not initially planning to be personal and vulnerable with what you share. I’m a very private person but my blog post where I shared my financial rock bottom is still to date my most visited post. People like to know that they’re not alone in this thing we call life so I would encourage you to keep going as you are willing/able.



  3. This was a great post that really shared the trials and tribulations of blogging. There were times that I felt like throwing in the towel, but then I’ll get a comment from a friend or stranger and I remember that I may have just helped someone today. You are not alone!



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