Minimalist March // The Outcome

We made it! Minimalist March is officially over.

Let’s jump straight into the final days.

Day 29: Spotify

This may sound like such a strange category to declutter, so just hear me out…

I am a huge music lover. Music can alter my mood and my thoughts. Songs can spark joy and songs can definitely do the opposite. I recently made the switch from Apple Music to Spotify, so I didn’t have any songs to declutter. However, prior to this switch, I had many songs that would negatively impact me; by making me sad, angry or as simple as bring back bad memories. This was more just a food for thought category, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Day 30: Bed Linen 

When I had originally mapped out the 31 days, I thought of categories I knew I had to declutter, categories that were outside of the norm and categories inspired by similar posts. Bed linen was one inspired by other posts. Personally, I barely have any to declutter. I had done this only at the start of the year and hadn’t purchased any new since then.

Day 31: Towels & Wash Cloths

Again, same situation as above, I took inspiration from other posts to include this in the 31 day challenge, forgetting that I had recently decluttered this category. I keep additional towels as my partner stays throughout the week. I also have a problem of needing two of each, perhaps I have slight OCD?

I’m sorry to have ended on such a uneventful note. However, this blog was never started to do these challenges for the views or the response. I am a very real person, with very real objects. I wasn’t going to declutter excessively in the hopes to ‘wow’ my readers.

With that being said, I think it’s time to wrap things up!

  • I decluttered well over 100 physical items.
  • I decluttered over 6000 digital ‘items’.
  • I had a month of being very aware of what was coming into the house.
  • Significant decrease in impulse spending.
  • Proved to myself that I can stick to something for 31 days (didn’t miss a single IG post for the month!).

I have various objects awaiting to be sorted out. I do wonder how long I’ll let these objects sit around. These objects include jewelry for a garage sale (where no date has even been placed) and stationery to be donated to a school.

I noticed a shift in my grocery shopping. I hosted family night recently, I decided to make spaghetti and salad. Rather than purchasing all the products on the evening of family night, I decided to get creative and utilise what was already in the cupboard. End result; not awful, no food poisoning.

I have stuck to my shopping beauty. Since the declutter, I have finished two products. The challenge of banning myself from buying new products has ensured that I am making use of the ones I already owned.

Thank you to everyone who followed along on the Minimalist March journey, whether it was via Facebook, Instagram or on the blog posts. I’d love to hear about your approach and your learning throughout your Minimalism journey.

Much Love,
Baby Sloth xx

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