March Goals Check-In + Quarterly Finance Review

Happy Sunday!

It’s the end of another month, so it’s time to check-in again for my monthly goals.

March Goals

  1. Friends & Family –  go to Friday Drinks – complete.
    Every Friday, my family and friends host a Friday night drinks, I am often tired and ready for bed by Friday afternoon, that I normally choose not to go. This month, I decided to try and go at least once.
  2. Home – cosy new bedroom – complete.
    In February I decided to get a house mate. I rented out the room that was originally mine, leaving me to jam all of my stuff into the much smaller and un-renovated room. I’ve now made it very cosy. I am evening starting to think that this space is what inspired me to start blogging again.
  3. Career – successful rotations – complete.
    I completed another two rotations for this month. As always, I’d like to think that I did all that I could to take the new information in.
  4. Self-Love – bubble bath – complete.
    It sounds very cliche. I can procrastinate easily, however, something I cannot do is allow myself to unwind. Something as simple as a bubble bath allows me to do this. Bonus self love, I got my hair done (after six months!). This is my favourite cut and colour to date, so it’s replenished some of my confidence.
  5. Growth – read a book – complete.
    I don’t know if I can technically count this. I ‘read’ Sarah Wilson’s book on zero waste, it was more a recipe book, so I really just more so flicked through the pages, stopping at anything that caught my eye.
  6. Health – go on a hike – not complete.
    My health goals always appear to be my downfall. Today is the last day of March (prepare for the excuses), it’s raining, miserable and I’ve managed to hurt my back gardening, so I don’t think I’ll be getting that hike in.
  7. Finance – get mortgage to $X – complete.
    Self explanatory, I wanted to get my mortgage to a certain figure and I achieved this figure. Bonus finance goal, I’ve now paid over 5% of my total debt… more on this below!
  8. Travel & Adventure – pick date – not complete.
    I’m always in such a predicament about travel. It took me four years of saying I was going to get my passport, to actually get it. I’ve never left Australia, so I know travel is something I should do. I had planned to go by myself, however I find this so daunting! I’d always thought I’d like to go around April, so can I technically mark this complete? Anyone who has traveled to New Zealand, when did you go and where did you go?
  9. Romance & Love – Airle Beach – complete.
    My boyfriend and I had a weekend getaway. This reiterated that I am well overdue for an actual holiday, a weekend was not enough!
  10. Blog Goals – 1,000 total views – complete.
    We absolutely smashed this. In the month of March alone, I have got over 1,000+ views. Taking my total to date to 1,500+! So thank you all very much, I could not have completed this goal without you.

8/10 goals complete! Pretty happy with that, it’s a good momentum to keep up with for the rest of the year. I don’t really get disheartened if I don’t reach these goals. These are just points to keep my life moving in the direction I would like it to!

Quarterly Finance Review

Before getting into the stats, I should provide some context. I don’t ever disclose actual figures on this blog, only percentages. Paying debt off is a personal thing, in which I believe is something that you can’t compare yourself to others on. However, this blog keeps me motivated and accountable and this is my reason for sharing with you.

Debt Breakdown at Present: 

  • 66.59% of my debt is my mortgage.
  • 27.12% of my debt is my HECS debt.
  • 6.29% of my debt is my personal loan.

At the beginning of this year, January 2019;

  • I had paid 3.73% of my total debt.
  • I had paid 28.59% of my personal loan debt.
  • I had paid 2.91% of my mortgage.

Today, 31 March 2019;

  • I have paid 5.61% of my total debt (improvement of 1.88%)
  • I have paid 33.68% of my personal loan debt (improvement of 5.09%)
  • I have paid 3.93% of my mortgage (improvement of 1.02%)

In this quarter, I paid off my credit card and decreased my limit. I also commenced paying off my HECS Debt. Both of these changes are reflected in the total debt improvement.

Are these improvements huge? Absolutely not. Have they been sustainable, realistic yet still align with my bigger picture goal? Definitely. One of my main goals for the year is to clear my debt significantly (by 15%), I know this will be a stretch, however I also do know it is possible.

I have a little more context and insight for you. Before this year, I had only paid 0.02% of my HECS Debt. If you break down the previous year and a half prior, knowing I had only paid 2.91% on my mortgage and 28.59% on my personal debt, this works out to be only 0.485% of the mortgage and 4.765% of the personal loan per quarter. Meaning this quarter was definitely an improvement in comparison to the last six.

Would you like to see the new month’s goals, at the time of the previous’ months review We survived Minimalist March together, I’m thinking bring on an Active April.

Much Love,
Baby Sloth x

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