Minimalist March // Week Four

Happy Thursday!

We are very close to the end of March (and wow, I am surprised I have kept up with it!). Let’s go through this week’s decluttering journey, shall we!

Day 22: Facebook Friends

Let’s start the week off with a little bit of a controversial one ! Facebook friends. At one point, I had over 1,000. It seems that my generation almost based our success or our like-ability on how many Facebook friends we had.

A friend last year mentioned, that she went through and decluttered only those she would say Happy Birthday too. It got me thinking about my own Facebook Friends, and why I felt the need to accept almost every friend request that came my way.

Admittedly, there is a downfall to having few Facebook friends. It has been difficult to promote this blog and the other related socials, as I had a much smaller reach.

Decluttering friends does sound a little harsh, I know. However, people can be just as toxic as items on occasion. Not all people ‘spark’ joy.

Original Number: 467
New Number: 446

This is a bit of a work in progress!

Day 23: Following on Instagram

I decided only to look at who I was following on my personal. When it comes to business pages, I don’t think you can really afford to be minimal with your following choice if you want social media growth.

Current Number: 707
New Number: 583

Again, also a work in progress.

Day 24: Pages liked on Facebook

Due to trying to grow this blog and the socials, I follow and like various pages on Facebook. Today’s declutter was mainly for old Facebook pages, from high school days.

Current Number: 388
New Number: 289

Day 25: Wallet

I recently bought a new wallet, and was waiting to switch over the contents anyway. I noticed I still had cards form businesses that had since shut down.

I’ve tried to take photos as best as I could, without disclosing personal information.

Day 26: Handbag

I let this go, quite significantly. For the sake of the before and after photo, I suppose.

Day 27: Books

3x University textbooks that I haven’t touched since studying to be donated. I have books throughout the house on various topics. However, books have never been something I’ve collected. It didn’t feel it necessary to go through and gather them all for the sake of Minimalist March and today’s post.

Day 28: Medicine Drawer

The medicine drawer, or cabinet, or in my case, a container. This was to look at expired medicine, or in my unfortunate experience, to look for medicines you find out you are allergic to, only after taking! It turns out I had decluttered this only a few months ago and forgetten that I had done so! Meaning that unfortunately I have nothing to share for today’s declutter.

Another week down! A few more days to go. I will post about the final days, my thoughts and the outcome once the month is over. How has your March been treating you?

Much Love,
Baby Sloth x

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