Minimalist March // Week Three

Happy Thursday!

Digital Decluttering. What is it? Why would it even matter? This week only just starts to touch on digital clutter. I am working on a more detailed post about digital clutter and digital detoxes with more categories and some challenges also.

To give you a break from staring at screens, the last three days will be relatively easy (in the case that you’re looking at expiration dates and the decision is practically made for you!

Day 15: Unsubscribe from Emails
I have three personal email accounts. It’s excessive, and I wish I didn’t, however, it is easier this way at present.

  • I have a personal email – which majority of my emails go to.
  • I have a personal gmail – YouTube, Google Phone, etc.
  • I have a Sloth Renovations email – to manage my WordPress and to also work as a communication method with all my lovely readers.

Over the course of the weekend I unsubscribed from over 20 companies. Majority of these were retail or takeaway emails. So hooray for decluttering temptations.

I’ll be continuing to unsubscribe from various companies as I receive emails.

Day 16: Emails
As above, this declutter encompassed all three accounts.

For all 3 – I got my inbox down to zero (and filed appropriately).

  • Personal: I sorted through 1533 emails.
  • Gmail: I sorted through 238 emails.
  • Sloth Renovations: I sorted through 3067 (thanks to me not looking at my notification settings in WordPress, hot tip – do that!)

I found for the remainder of this week, it made it much easier to continue to keep up on filing and clearing emails.

Day 17: Photos
Photos add up so quickly on your phone. It’s saving memes, it’s screenshotting things for a one time use or accidental photos.

I started with 9.7GB of photos and videos and ended with 5.2GB. I deleted well over 1200+ images that I really didn’t need. Admittedly, a lot of these were for Sloth Renovations’ Instagram. However, I challenge you to see what’s in your photos and see if there’s anything worth deleting.

Day 18: Apps
I started with 91 apps, and had an end result of 74. I find the types of apps that tend to accumulate excessively are fitness. Most phones can easily show you the apps you commonly use. It’s always interesting to have a look and see if any of your apps are worth uninstalling.

Day 19: Pantry, Day 20: Fridge & Day 21: Freezer
For these three days, I will not be providing any images or data.

This is for two reasons;

  1. It’s a straightforward process for me when it comes to food; is it still good to eat or not?
  2. I have a housemate, therefore images would not accurately show these three categories.

In summary, for the third week of Minimalist March, I decluttered 6000+ digital items and all of my expired or spoiled food.

What have you been up to for the month of March? Are you aware of your digital clutter?

Much Love,
Baby Sloth x


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