A Month of Blogging

On Saturday, 16 February 2019, I created this blog and published my first post. It was a ‘quick & dirty’ post, straight off my Instagram. At that stage, I didn’t really know what I was trying to achieve by starting this blog, let alone what I was going to post.

If you’re looking for my why for starting this blog, the answers can be found in What’s in a Name? // Why I Started This Blog. I thought I would share my successes, findings and ‘failures’ over the last month, in the hopes to help other beginner bloggers. I would like to think that in a few months time, I can post a six month update and then follow with a year update.

The featured image seemed fitting for this post, as like any worthwhile progress, it can take significant amounts of time, much like travelling on a long road. If you started your blog yesterday, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get 100 views in one night (if you did, please give me tips!). I’ve found that I’ve had to remind myself that consistency and quality will be the key.

When I think about the progress of this blog in the last month, it encompasses all of the social media accounts involved, as I interlink all of these daily.

Instagram: 307 Followers
Facebook: 108 Likes

My Instagram account was created first only for the house, however with large time periods between renovations, it was hard to keep up a regular posting routine. Instagram I have found the most difficult to grow and maintain an audience. The Facebook page was created the day before the blog, as I thought it might be easier for family & friends to follow along on that. Turns out, not really. However, it has become a good platform to share my blog posts on easily.

  • 34 countries
  • 71 WordPress Followers
  • 2 Email Followers

Edit: within 24 hours of posting this, I hit 35 countries, reached over 1,000 views and had my most viewed day to date.

I am uncertain of what this would look like in comparison to other blogs, despite my several attempts at trying to Google the answers. I would love to hear your stats, if you are comfortable in sharing below in the comments, this would be greatly appreciated.

I have published 15 posts and have another 14 in drafts. I’ve had writer’s block and seriously wondered how long I could continue to write content for on these particular topics, without become repetitive or publishing awful content.

I’ve spent the last month wondering if I was doing myself a disfavour by keeping the name as Sloth Renovations, as it doesn’t exactly hint at what the blog is about.

I’ve thought about the end goal of why I create this content and wondered if this was something I could pursue to gain an income eventually. I’ve tried to research ‘when’ to monetize blogs and the average earnings of blogging. For now, I’ll stick to blogging just as a hobby until I have seen some sign that it’s worth pursuing as more.

By the end of 2019, here are my rather ambitious blog goals:

  • 200 Followers (either WordPress or email subscribed)

Minimalist March has been the main blog project consuming my time at present. However, I have now commenced planning on my next big project for the blog, focusing on finance and taking ownership of your money. I’m hoping to continuously work on this between April and June.

For a month in, I am pretty proud. It’s given me something to do with my time, it’s kept me accountable and it has helped me find a community. So regardless of whether this is seen as a ‘successful’ blog or not, I have found benefits regardless.

I’d love to know your ‘why’, to hear about your successes, to take in your advice and to support your journey. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or send an email.

Much Love,
Baby Sloth x


  1. Those stats are really good! I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and only at 129 WordPress followers and 1800 views!
    Keep going and keep up the good work, you’ve definitely got a fan and regular reader in me 🙂



  2. You are doing great! I have been blogging for a year and don’t use other social media platforms since I use blogging as just a side hobby. I have 218 WordPress followers. I originally was just blogging once a week and noticed that I started gaining more followers and more traffic when I blogged more frequently. So just keep at it and it will happen!



  3. Thanks for sharing this! I just started my blog this week, although I’ve been planning for 1+ months. It seems like you’ve had great success so far – Imagine if you keep this progress going forward and double your reach each month!
    Would love to collaborate in the future! ; )



    1. Not a problem, it’s the sort of data I wish I could have found about other blogs when I started a month ago! I do sometimes regret not doing more planning, however I think I would have got myself into a state of disbelief that I wasn’t going to be capable or good at it. Would love to look at doing a collaboration!

      Liked by 1 person


  4. Keep on going! I would keep the name “Baby Sloth” until something else speaks to you. You are doing amazingly well for a starting blogger. Be sure to use labels and tags on all your posts. Search in “reader” for those blogs that are using similar labels and comment on interesting posts. Think about creating a topical blog calendar for each of your upcoming months and do at least biweekly posts. After a while you may see patterns of interest that you can focus into. Congrats on an interesting blog.



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