Minimalist March // Week Two

Happy Thursday!

This week definitely cemented the fact that I am well overdue for a shopping ban on beauty products. Some of these categories I found very easy, whereas some others I found quite difficult… as I felt like I was creating so much waste.

Day 8: Electronics

I have always been one to want the latest and greatest when it comes to technology. I’ve also been pretty good at keeping all of this old technology. For those items in the decluttered pile; I will either take to dispose of correctly, gift to friends and family or in the case of the iPod, I will keep (this thing is nearly vintage, and it does bring a lot of joy, as it’s like a time capsule of my old music!).

Day 9: Makeup

Damn, I have a lot of products for someone who rarely wears makeup these days. However, when weather permits and time is available, makeup is something I do very much enjoy. As I have promised to you, and myself, I will not be buying any more products until the ones I own have run out.

Day 10: Skin Care Products

This is such an odd category for me, as I have never really had a skin care routine. I am very fortunate to have never had any serious issues with my skin. I had a brief period of time, where due to various reasons, I had an outbreak… thus explaining all these  odd products I have accumulated. I also went through a stage of only wanting to purchase vegan or cruelty-free products.

Day 11: Shower Products

I have a tendency to bulk buy items in this category… and then I say it’s for guests (which I never have). Sorry, I had a mind blank on this day and forgot to take a photo of the decluttered, have fun playing spot the difference!

Day 12: Food Storage Containers

Admittedly – this isn’t an area I struggle with… for this reason, I have decided to share with you how I store this category.

Bonus declutter; 1x Unused Can Opener (for some reason I had two?). I guess I’m too into my decluttering to say I didn’t declutter anything for the day.

Day 13: Stationery

I looooooove stationery. However, I don’t love picking up ten pens one after the other beacuse none of them work. It appears I should add stationery to my shopping ban!

P.S. I’m thinking I would like to donate these items to a local school.

Day 14: Accessories 

This is one of the areas I had previously decluttered, so the decision process of this was relatively easy. These decluttered items will be going into an upcoming family garage sale! This doesn’t include any of my ‘good’ jewellery or my piercing jewellery.

This week, I wondered if it was worth continuing Minimalist March. I had not been well, I have been trying to learn new skills at work and I spent the weekend away. Nevertheless, I’ve decided I need to finish what I started, and if I do manage to finish this, it’ll be an achievement in itself (as previously mentioned in several other posts, I only stick to something for max two weeks).

Next week we get into Digital Decluttering – an area that most people overlook.

We are midway through March and I hope the month is treating you well. Are you kicking goals? Have you fallen off the band wagon? I’d love to hear in the comments.

Much Love,
Baby Sloth x


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