Minimalist March // Week One

Welcome all to Week 1 of Minimalist March!

Little bit of a preface to the challenge, I intentionally let some categories go in the lead up to this month, so you could get a better idea for each category. I decluttered categories without catching up on washing. If you’re waiting for a particular time, where you have caught up on washing, chances are you’ll never do it! This doesn’t have to be a turn your life around in 31 days declutter, it can just be a starting point. Food for thought, have a look into the Mindful March // A Thought on Zero-Waste post.

Day 1: Sock Drawer

Original No: 25 pairs and two mismatched.
New No: 20 pairs
Declutter No: 6 pairs

Was this a huge declutter? No. Could I have been more ruthless? Absolutely. Solution: pay more attention to which ones I gravitate to and how many pairs I realistically wear in a normal week.

Day 2: Underwear
I won’t be including photos for this day.

Bras Original No: 11
Bras New No: 7
Decluttered No: 5

Underwear Original No: 21
Underwear New No: 13
Decluttered No: 8

Being a female comes with so much clutter. Different colours, cuts and styles to suit different items becomes tricky. How do my stats compare to others?

Day 3: PJ’s & Lounge Wear

This category also includes renovation/housework clothes. Pretty much, its clothes that I shouldn’t leave the house in.

Tops Original No: 12
Tops New No: 4
Decluttered No: 8

Bottoms Original No: 10
Bottoms New No: 6
Decluttered No: 4

Day 4: Swimwear & Activewear

Swimmers Original No: 4
Swimmers New No: 2
Decluttered No: 2

Throw Overs Original No: 2
Throw Overs New No: 2
Decluttered No: 0


Sports Bras Original: 6
Sports Bras New: 4
Sports Bras Decluttered: 2

Tops Original: 5
Tops New: 4
Tops Decluttered: 1

Bottoms Original: 8
Bottoms New: 7
Bottoms Decluttered: 1

Day 5: Shoes

This is one of the categories that I let go in the lead up to this.

Original No: 19
New No: 11
Decluttered No: 8

Day 6: Tops & Bottoms

This doesn’t include work specific clothing (i.e. branded or corporate attire)

Tops Original No: 28
Tops New No: 23
Decluttered No: 5

Bottoms Original No: 10
Bottoms New No: 10
Decluttered No: 0


Day 7: Dresses/Playsuits/Sets

Original No: 14
New No: 2
Decluttered No: 12

Total Number of Items Decluttered Week 1: 52 Items

Would you be interested in a post outlining the number of total items I have for particular categories (including items in the wash)? Comment below!

If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for the Week 2 of Minimalist March! Are you in the process of a Minimalist March? How’s it working out so far?

Much love,
Baby Sloth x


  1. Curious, will you be giving these items to a local thrift shop, or trying to sell? My husband and I started a similar process and gave ourselves a timeline to sell the items. After a month, it all went to our local thrift shop. Spoiler alert, all the stuff is still sitting in our dining room – I’ll use this as motivation to take it today!! For me it’s amazing how clutter in my house, also means clutter in my brain. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    Liked by 1 person


    1. Thanks for stopping by! I addressed this in my previous post (see the link in this one about Mindful March). I choose not to sell clothes because majority of mine are purchased from op shops/charity shops (not too sure what they are called in your area of the world!). Clothing has never been something I spend a lot of money on!



  2. I enjoyed seeing you use numbers of items “original sorted” “new kept” and “decluttered/discarded”. This is a nice concept to see your progress and something you can later reflect on to analyze your difficult areas of discarding/recycled specific objects.



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