Minimalist Budget

Afternoon All,

When it comes to money, everyone has their particular ways to stay on track, even if simply that means just to survive. If it works for you, that’s fantastic. I can only speak on how I manage my own finances. I would say I hold a pretty Minimalist Approach overall. Why do I say this? In the simplest explanation, I minimise spending and maximise cash flow.

I will be very honest, I don’t follow the Dave Ramsey Process, or even the Barefoot Investor process. In order for myself to stick to something, it needs to be relevant and show that it works in a relatively short time period. I can’t claim ‘I paid $XX,XXX in 6 months’. I am still very content with the progress made. I haven’t had to make extreme sacrifices. However, I have learnt the benefit of becoming aware.

Anything I can prepay, I will. I’d rather have a repetitive spending month, than have months where I am drowning in bills. Have I perfected this cash flow yet? Absolutely not? I’m awful at saving, I will be very honest. Instead of saving, I pay down my debts. I have decided to list my expenses below (the * indicates an area I would like to work on).

My Expenses


  • Mortgage (weekly)
  • Car Repayment (weekly)
  • Electricity (weekly)
  • Rates (weekly)
  • House Insurance (monthly)
  • Phone & Internet (monthly)*
  • Netflix (monthly)
  • Spotify (monthly)
  • Gym (weekly)


  • Groceries
  • Fuel
  • Pets
  • Optometrist
  • Doctors
  • Car Registration (quarterly)
  • Car Insurance (annually)*
  • Car Servicing (half-yearly)*

This is a list of 17 items that I choose to be very aware of and manage accordingly. Money gets spent on other things. I’d like to expand my awareness out to other problematic categories this year.

This post is simply to raise awareness. If someone asked you to list your spending, both fixed and variable, how quickly could you answer it? How many different expense categories would you have?

As always, happy to answer any questions. I hope this has sparked thought on your financial situation and how you could improve cash flow.

Baby Sloth x


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