February Goals Check-In

Evening All,

It’s the end of another month for 2019 and so far I would say I am tracking along okay. It has been absolute whirlwind of a month. Somethings went to plan and others did not.

February Goals:

  1. Friends & Family – coffee catch-up – not complete.
    I say not complete, as when I set this goal, I had intentions of catching up with an old friend over a coffee. I did however, catch-up over a hot beverage this afternoon (on the last day of the month) with a mentor, that I approached for career guidance mostly. So maybe this counts?
  2. Home – move house mate in successfully – complete.
    I will write a more in-depth post about my decision to get a house mate. In short, I feel that they are settling in nicely and I haven’t had a single reason to question my decision.
  3. Career – successful first rotation – complete.
    Absolutely successful. I took the opportunity to learn the most I could within this rotation. Very appreciative to be in a position that encourages me to develop my understanding of the business and its various departments. I thrive on learning.
  4. Self-Love – get a massage – not complete.
    I’ve really knuckled down on saving money since my No Spend Challenge, for this reason, I didn’t splurge on getting a massage. I can’t really think of anyways I’ve practiced self-love this month. At least this gives me something to work on next month.
  5. Growth – wake up early – not complete.
    I’ve had trouble sleeping over the last month, I didn’t feel it was wise to decrease the already minimal amount I was getting.
  6. Health – less drinking – complete.
    Technically, I drank less… It was definitely on fewer occasions! However, of the two occasions I did drink, it was probably in excess. I’ve limited to only weekends that my partner is home and I’ve never been one to drink during the week.
  7. Finance – car loan to $X figure – complete.
    This one was a bit of a milestone, as it went from being a 5 figure number, to a 4.
  8. Travel & Adventure – pick destination – complete.
    New Zealand – it’s close, it’s affordable and it’s an English-speaking country. Passport, check. Destination, check. Savings, uhhh let’s get back to that one.
  9. Romance & Love – Road Trip – complete.
    Sort of – I counted the Brisbane trip as a road trip (even though we flew, on separate dates and it was in January). It was some time away together at least!

I’m not discouraged if I don’t hit all my monthly goals, life doesn’t always go to plan. I do take learnings from my the goals I didn’t complete and try to work out why these didn’t come to fruition. For February, 6 of 9 goals were achieved, and I’m quite content with that. And this might be why…

Bonus goals:

  • Paid out my credit card.
  • Started this blog.
  • My partner met my family.
  • Took advantage of opportunities that came my way.

As for my monthly finance goals, I hit 3 of 3! I’ve now amended March’s goals accordingly.

In March, I have added an additional category of blog goals.

Would love to hear how your February went? What did you achieve?

Tomorrow is a new month, with new opportunities, let’s see what we can achieve!

Baby Sloth x


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