Minimalist March

Happy Sunday!

Here’s my gift to you, Minimalist March.

I’m aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of these lists on the Internet. If you’ve stumbled upon this one and decided that you like the looks of it, feel free to join me over the course of the month as I declutter one category for each day of March.

  1. Sock Drawer
  2. Undergarments
  3. Pyjamas & Lounge Wear
  4. Swimwear & Active Wear
  5. Shoes
  6. Tops & Bottoms
  7. Dresses/Playsuits/Sets
  8. Electronics
  9. Makeup
  10. Skin Care Products
  11. Shower Products
  12. Food Storage Containers/Cooking Utensils
  13. Stationery
  14. Accessories (Fashion Jewellery, Scarves, Hair Accessories, etc.)
  15. Unsubscribe from Email Mail Lists
  16. Emails
  17. Photos (Digital on Phone)
  18. Apps
  19. Pantry
  20. Fridge
  21. Freezer
  22. Facebook Friends
  23. Following on Instagram
  24. Pages liked on Facebook
  25. Wallet
  26. Handbag
  27. Books
  28. Medicine Cabinet/Drawer
  29. Spotify
  30. Bed Linen
  31. Towels & Washcloths

As you can see, some days are harder than others. I will be documenting my month for each day and posting this at the end of the month. I’ve been decluttering progressively over the last few years, so admittedly this will be challenging for me. I have tried to put some focus on digital clutter, as this is often forgotten about.

I would love to hear if you’re having a Minimalist March! Even better, I’d love to hear if you’re completing this challenge at home. The easiest way to follow along at home is to like Sloth Renovations on Facebook or to follow @slothrenovations on Instagram. I’ll be posting daily, to keep everyone updated with which category it is on that particular day.

Baby Sloth x


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