What’s in a Name? // Why I Started This Blog

I umm’d and ahh’d about the title of this blog.

You see, sloth renovations started as a hashtag for my personal Insta posts after buying my first home. It was an inside joke between myself and my parents, that we would eventually complete the renovations, just at a sloth-like pace. The simple #slothrenovations, changed to a Insta page after realising a few people were interested in the transformation. On the Insta page, I’d made began to make note of the debts I managed and the goals I had set, but predominately tried to stick renovations, despite long periods of time between small renovation projects. The problem is minimalism, personal finance and goal setting are all things I love TALKING about, they aren’t something you can always photograph. I was on the wrong platform, so I moved to Facebook. However, something about Facebook still didn’t feel quite right… so the day after I created the Facebook page, I created this blog.

This isn’t my first blogging rodeo. I perhaps could have realised how much I enjoyed the thought of blogging much earlier in life, you know maybe when I spent majority of my weekends redesigning my MySpace and Tumblr pages as a young teen? At 18, I started a blog on minimalism and loved it. Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned previously… I give things my all, for about two weeks, tops.  I have so many ideas on posts for this page, I would love to keep it a constant. Whilst keeping my last blog, I was managing university and working. Now I am simply working, so I suppose this is almost like a hobby to fill in my spare time. Note: any tips on how to keep a sustainable blog would be greatly appreciated! 

A huge thank you to those who have already followed, read and/or engaged with my posts. For only having this up for a few days, it has well and truly exceeded my expectations. I thought I was starting this to share tips and tricks about decluttering or personal finance, with friends and family that occasionally asked for them (or maybe I should say I just thoroughly enjoy discussing these topics and perhaps may have forced it upon them). However, I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs, watching YouTube videos or listening to Podcasts about these topics. I can’t say I’ve found many others, if any, in this town with similar interests and I suppose that’s also why I’ve taken to the internet, to find other individuals who think like me.

I want to help people – somehow. Recently, I checked my credit score a few months ago (not something I had ever done), to my surprise I was above average in all categories, including that of location and age. It got me thinking, are we bad with debt because our parents taught us that it was taboo to discuss? Are we bad with money because we don’t know how to live life with intention? Are we so overwhelmed with decisions, opportunities and chances, that we simply say ‘f*ck it’ too often?

Now, why did I keep the title Sloth Renovations, if this page rarely shows the renovations? Because I had an epiphany, my niche interests of goal setting, minimalism and pursuing a debt free life all point to one thing – I am undergoing a renovation on life. To renovate is often to repair or improve, are we not all renovating our own lives in some way or at least wishing we could?

P.S apologies for the French.

Baby Sloth x


  1. Another great post! It is clear that you write because you love and need it actually. That makes your blog even more interesting. It is now always about the topics, it is about personality. Keep going!



  2. Good luck with your blog! We joke that my husband is the sloth in our relationship with money – think the DMV scene in Zootopia (If you haven’t watched it…look it up on YouTube!) I just started my blog as well. I love that you want to start talking about the taboo finance world – I wonder why our world has grown up to understand talking about money is rude. Let’s change that thought! Excited to hear more from you 😊



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