No Spend Challenge | Weekend Edition

Afternoon All,

I challenged myself to a no spend weekend. And here’s how it went…

I started Thursday evening, telling myself I could spend again Monday. I was relatively confident, with fuel in the car, groceries in the fridge and no plans involving money.

Friday was easy – as working took up majority of the day. For the evening, I stopped by at my parents for the weekly catch-up over a drink and nibbles (supplied by them, thank you!) Once I was home, I decided I’d do what I could to make the evening go quick to avoid me thinking of ways to spend money over the weekend. I put on some washing, cleaned my bedroom, worked on some new content for the upcoming week.

Saturday morning, I woke up and made myself a coffee. I quickly realised perhaps this weekend I should have done a social media detox simultaneously. We are so bombarded with marketing on social media, it became difficult to ignore.

Saturday afternoon hit, I was feeling accomplished; I had almost caught up on washing, meal prepped and decluttered various parts of the house. I do small regular declutters now, to stay on top of what I own. Not being able to spend this weekend had made me aware that I have a lot of items in bulk or unused items that I needed to use before I continued to purchase new items. These include groceries, personal hygiene products and stationery.

I had also started a ‘to-do basket’, this was a small basket of items I needed to remove from the house, this included items to be donated, returned to friends or sold in an upcoming garage sale. I certainly hoped this basket didn’t get out of hand, at the same time, I didn’t want to dispose of items when other methods were present.

In the evening, the productivity continued. I made some new finance trackers and assessed my February goals. With a decently productive day over, it was time to wind down. I decided to take advantage of the Netflix that I pay for every month… and watch a movie (not something I do regularly). I couldn’t help but think of the things I needed to purchase once the weekend was over; pet food mainly (I have a cat and a dog), however I was thinking outside the box with this one – I had flybuys points to spend at Coles and cash if necessary.

The end was near. Midday Sunday came around, it had been such a lovely weekend at home, feeling like I’d actually had some down time. Isn’t it crazy that we spend so much on our homes, whether it to be to own, rent or simply decorate, yet spend so little time in them to appreciate the space?

The afternoon was a quiet one, one of reflection. The weekend got me thinking how long could I go without spending money for? Surely there were weekends in the past where I hadn’t spent money? I’d like to trial a week of no spending next. I will be sure to keep you updated if I choose to do so.

So why a No Spend Challenge this weekend? Well to be quite frank, I had no money to spend unless I withdrew from other accounts. This time of year is very hectic, despite my main strategy for money always revolving around the idea of cash flow.

This weekend has been a learning curve, and payday is just around the corner. I will need to transfer money regardless, as I have my gym membership payment due prior to payday. This is a bad habit I want to break in 2019. I would like to build a small buffer fund to keep in my everyday account.

Despite me craving pizza and wine on a Sunday afternoon, I won’t cave. I think I’m confident in calling this no spend weekend a success.

Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts over the no spend weekend. Have you ever attempted a no spend period? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Even better, link your blog below for myself and others to check out.

Baby Sloth


  1. ”We are so bombarded with marketing on social media, it became difficult to ignore.” So true! That’s why my first decision in 2019 was INSTAGRAM DETOX. First day of the challenge wasn’t easy, but I feel no need to join it now, at all! I have so much free time, I am trying to be mindful in every single thing I do. I feel happier, and that’s the most important thing, I think. However, i will be back on my instagram, just to prove myself that I haven’t missed anything. I enjoyed reading your post, and found myself in it. ‘No spend challenge weekend” – I will try it out for sure. Here’s my 1st blog post, I would like to read comments on it, good or bad – doesn’t matter. Everybody needs improvement! Excited for your new posts!



      1. It definetely is the biggest obsession of our generation. We are obsessed about what other people think of us, and are hardly trying to create a fake world of perfectionism online. We want to make other to admire us. Are those the things that really matter in life? I don;t think so.

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  2. Great post! I think no spent periods are difficult, as much as I try to be smart with money, I think its hard because at the end of the day i do want to reward myself for working hard (that would mean fast food binges unfortunately). I think you made a really interesting point about marketing in social media and spenting . If you do have time definitley check out my blog
    It mainly centered around positive mental health yet also a lot of posts about productivity.
    But anyway thank you for the great post slothrenevations 🙂



    1. It is a shame that’s we are wired to reward ourselves with monetary value items (food, electronics, clothing, etc.) Happy to follow your blog, mental health is of huge interest to me, as I have dealt with mental health issues in the past.

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      1. No thank you, likewise I’m happy to follow your blog as well.

        I think there is nothing inherently wrong with rewarding ourselves! IE: There’s nothing wrong with getting nice food after an exam or a hard days work. Merely waiting for our money to grow and saving it, can be effective. But I also think life is short, and sometimes we should spend money. It’s just about finding the write balance, which will vary from person to person. Sorry for the philosophical lecture haha !


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