January Goals Check-In

Evening All,

In my last post, I said I would update you on how my new goal setting techniques are working, and here it is! I have made significant progress, however most of these will be reflected in the February Check-In.

January Goals: 

Friends & Family – host family night – complete.
Every Tuesday, various members of my family get together for dinner and we all take turns in hosting & cooking.

Home – declutter – complete.
I had a list of spaces I wanted to declutter.

Career – mentor & mentee meeting – complete.
As part of my Career Development, I have found a mentor to meet with monthly. We had our first meetup in January.

Self Love – get my eyebrows done – complete.
To some, this may not fit in self-love, however for me – when I have my eyebrows freshly waxed and tinted I feel ten times more put together and this isn’t something I do regularly.

Growth – play guitar more – not complete.
So why not? I had acrylic nails, which meant I couldn’t hold down the strings. This may sound like such a sad excuse, but hey, at least I am honest!

Health – gym 4x – not complete.
I love gym, when I’m into gym. I have not been into gym as of late. I get my head into this negative thought pattern, where if I’m not eating healthy, I can’t justify going to the gym. I’m an all or nothing gal (for about two weeks at most). I went once for the month of January.

Finance – pay out credit card – not complete.
I had the money, however, I decided to get away over the long weekend and booked a spontaneous trip to Brisbane. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. I knew that I wouldn’t have too many chances to get away this year, so I took advantage of it while I could.

Travel & Adventure – get a passport – complete.
Did I actually need one? No. Was not having a passport an excuse I use to make for not travelling? You betcha!

Romance & Love – dinner date – complete.
It was as simple as dinner at the bowls club.

In summary, 6 out of 9 isn’t too bad. As for my finance goals, I did fall short due to the dates of when interest was charged. When you see February’s update, you’ll see why I am not too down about all this!

How do you set goals? How are you tracking for 2019?

Baby Sloth


  1. Congratulations on completing the de-cluttering. I wonder if I’ll ever be done with that. You remind me I have not played my guitar in weeks. No nail issues, but I could complain that my hands hurt. Still, I could pick it up for one song. Thanks for the inspiration and the follow!



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