5 Positive Impacts of Minimalism

Afternoon All,

I have been an advocate of minimalism for what feels like my whole life. Since childhood, I have loved to organise and declutter. Whether it be the pantry for Mum or my childhood bedroom. This has continued through my adulthood, and it becomes more present the more time goes on.

This thought had got me thinking about my “why” for minimalism. My “why” for continuing to have a minimalist approach to life is that it positively impacts me daily. With realising this, I thought I would share the five most obvious reasons I continue to practice a minimal lifestyle.

  1. Better mental clarity. When your space is clear, your mind is too. When there are less choices, your decisions are made easier. I am one to get anxious and feel like I am losing a grip on life. A quick fix as of late is to take a look at my space, whether this be my work desk, my bedroom or kitchen, and see if it is clean or if there appears to be an excess of “stuff”. Generally speaking, after I have cleaned or decluttered my space, I feel a sense of relief and clarity.
  2. Less time cleaning. Hooray! I am guilty of ‘floordrobes’ when picking something to wear, however owning less, leads to less possible damage. My washing is significantly less, as I only have so many items to wear. I am in no way fixated by the number of items I own, in fact, I don’t even know this figure! This isn’t something I would object to looking into, if it was an interest of others. Can you imagine a life of less dishes, less “stuff” on tables? I live it, and I assure you, it is possible for you too.
  3. Better sense of my own style. This encompasses a lot of areas. Predominately, I have a better understanding of what I like to wear and how I like to decorate my home. I am starting to feel more confident with who I am becoming as a young adult.
  4. Spend Less. I spend less, because I know what I own. I don’t simply ‘lose’ and replace things anymore. I’m not buying things because they might grow on me, as stated above, I have started to gain an understanding of my style.
  5. Travelling is easy. It has never been easier to pack a bag for a weekend away. I know what looks put together as an outfit and that my shoes are versatile, I know what works for my makeup routine. There’s no throwing in spare clothing items because you’re “not sure” about what you are going to wear!

I could continue this list without any difficulty, however, this is just a few reasons as to why minimalism positively impacts my life daily. In summary, minimalism has provided me with more. More time, more money and more clarity. There is truth in the saying less is more.

What are your reasons for finding minimalism or sticking to minimalism?

Baby Sloth


      1. Will do! I’m finishing up my parents’ house with the attic. It’s crazy and fascinating what they saved. Lots of junk which I’m getting better at throwing away or recycling, but I just found letters my dad wrote from Vietnam and GTMO. The first step is to organize them for reading.


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